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Because sex is better without shame

Dr. Tina has a new book!

Shameless Parenting

Everything You Need to Raise Shame-free, Confident Kids & Heal Your Shame Too

Want to know the normal stages of sexual development for your children?

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I'm glad you're here!

My name is Dr. Tina, and I'm a therapist, sex educator, speaker, author, mother, and wife.

I believe that all of us are hard-wired for connection and pleasure, and we all deserve to be loved just as we are. Sometimes shame disrupts this, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

If you have sexual shame that you would like to heal - grab a copy of my sexual reclamation project in the button below

and begin the liberation journey of healing!

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"If life and the soul are sacred the human body is sacred."

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

“Shameless Parenting is a practical, readable, compact guide for parents who want to parent without shame.   From her deep well of knowledge, Tina Schermer Sellers has lovingly compiled an excellent guide for busy parents who want to get it right.”

Dr. Paula Stone Williams

Author of As A Woman: What I learned about Power, Sex, and Patriarchy After I Transitioned

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I speak nationally on sex, intimacy, spirituality, and parenting at events, conferences, churches, schools, retreats, and more.

I regularly provide supervision and consultation to clinicians of all types on sexuality and intimacy issues with their patients and clients.