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Teach your kids right.

"An excellent guide for busy parents who want to get it right."

Dr. Paula Stone Williams
Author of As A Woman: What I Learned About Power, Sex, and Patriarchy After I Transitioned

"If you are a parent, or know one, this is a must read. You’ll refer back to it year after year, and someday, your kids will thank you for reading it."

Brian D. McLaren
Author of Faith After Doubt and The Great Spiritual Migration
Shameless Parenting
Everything You Need to Raise Shame-free, Confident Kids & Heal Your Shame Too!
Book cover of Shameless Parenting

More about Shameless Parenting


Shameless Parenting is the 21st-century book parents have been asking for! It highlights the trickiest parts of each age from birth to 18 years old that tend to trigger shame, and guides parents on how to provide emotionally for their children while helping them understand the shame that is emerging for them.

Shame is what makes us reactive as parents. It is the hardest part of parenting. It is from our own places of shame that we over-react, repeating patterns from our parents that we might otherwise have resisted, and finding ourselves stuck, not knowing what to do.


This book has your back! It allows you to feel prepared for each stage of your child’s emotional and sexual development before you get there, and it gives you everything you need before you are caught off guard, including sex ed when that times comes for your child.


Now you can enjoy yourself, enjoy your child, heal your shame, and change the legacy. What a powerful gift to give yourself, your child, and your whole family!

Who should read this book

  • Anyone who wants to raise children free of shame, filled with empowered confidence.

  • Those who want to change their childhood legacy of sexual silence and shame to one of grounded knowledge, confidence, and informed, consensual intimacy.

  • Clinicians and professionals who want to support and empower their patients, parents, and clients.

Want to know more? Hear the story straight from Dr. Tina!​​

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Write a new story free from

sexual shame.

Book cover of Sex, God, and the Conservative church

"Groundbreaking. Razor sharp."

Christena Cleveland, Ph.D.
Author of Disunity in Christ – Uncovering the Forces that Keep Us Apart

"Powerful medicine."

Gina Ogden, Ph.D., LMFT
Author of Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy and The Heart & Soul of Sex
Sex, God, and the Conservative Church
Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy

More about Sex, God, and the Conservative Church


Sex, God, and the Conservative Church helps everyday people and clinicians to understand what it means to grow up with abstinence education or a faith mired in sexual shame and dysfunction. This book provides new narratives and practices for those who desire to both heal and hold on to their faith orientation.

Schermer Sellers first walks readers through a critique of American culture and the conservative Christian church and its effects on intimate partnerships and sexual lives, then begins to reveal the hidden mystical sex- and body-positive understanding of sexuality of the Hebrew people. The book also includes chapters on strategies for a new sexual ethic, clinical steps to heal sexual shame, and specific sex therapy interventions clinicians can use directly in their practice. Finally, it offers a four-step model for healing religious sexual shame and touch and non-touch exercises to bring healing and intimacy into a person's life.​

Who should read this book

  • Anyone who has dealt with any kind of sexual shame and desires tools to help both themselves and their partner

  • Those who grew up in a religious setting with a strict "purity" culture

  • Clinicians looking for resources to guide clients around issues of sexual shame, especially religious sexual shame

Want to know more? Hear the story straight from Dr. Tina!​​

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