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Dr. Tina speaks!

Attend an upcoming talk or retreat or invite Dr. Tina to visit your community.

Dr. Tina speaks nationally to varied audiences including events, conferences, retreats, justice organizations, churches, and universities. She brings compassion, humor, and boldness to each event.

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Common speaking topics

  • Intimacy and shame

  • The relationship between sexuality and spirituality

  • Raising children free from sexual shame

See upcoming
events and make speaking inquiries below

"A practical and yet deeply theological path towards healing for those wounded by a shame-based culture."

Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist

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Book Dr. Tina for your next event!

Use the contact form and mark the topic as "speaking request."

Be sure to include:

  • When (date & time)

  • Where (venue name, venue type & address)

  • Who (type and size of audience)

  • What (topics desired, e.g. raising children free of sexual shame, healing from purity culture, the erotic as our sacred life force)

  • Budget

To help you introduce Dr. Tina to your community and generate interest, and to introduce Dr. Tina at your event, feel free to download the media kit.

Upcoming events

Learn more
The Northwest Institute On Intimacy's Upcoming SAR & PRIDE Parade

June 23, 2022

In-person and zoom

Supporting Clients in Medical Distress

March 25, 2022


The Northwest Institute On Intimate Advanced Clinical Sexology Course

November 4, 2022

In-person and zoom

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