Have your felt paralyzed by sexual shame? Take this webinar and learn how to liberate yourself
What you'll get:

The history of America became more sexually shaming over the last 40 years
The history behind the sex positive story you were meant to inherit - but never did
The 4 phase model for how you heal sexual shame
Resources you can use to liberate yourself to enjoy connection and pleasure

Dr. Tina



Sex & Spirit - A Path to Healing from Sexual Shame

Dr. Tina interviews Dr. Emily Nagoski on the state of sexual health in America today

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers


Shamelessly Asking Questions About Sex with Emily Nagoski

Dr. Tina's book! Written for anyone affected by sexual shame, as well as for clinicians who treat people who have been impacted. We know from research that sexual shame has a profound impact on our ability to give and receive love. It causes people to feel disgust toward their bodies and sexual identity, doubting their worth. It impacts communication, trust, emotional and physical intimacy. America was situated inside a conservative religious history, which denied comprehensive sex education to its public due to the belief that sexuality is dirty. This book tells the story of that history, the positive sexual story we were meant to know, shares a model for how to heal sexual shame, and provides touch and non-touch exercises to try.

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers



Sex, God & The Conservative Church: Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy

Dr Tina joins Candice and Katie of Free Sex Podcast for a fun interview where they talk about ‘all things sex’ – sexual shame, masturbation in marriage, transactional sex, who is entitled to what, knowing what you want in the bedroom and many other topics.

Free Sex Podcast

Free Sex Podcast


Free Sex Podcast

Dr. Tina writes about how "Abstinence Only" Ideology was, and still is, so detrimental for our children.

Dr. Tina

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Christians Caught Between the Sheets

Resources for couples

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