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Healing for Activists

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Would you like to join a list of therapists in the Seattle area who are committed to supporting Black Lives Matter and the struggle to end racism and the killing of black people?

To join Healing for Activists in Seattle, WA please fill out the type-form at the bottom of this post.

By joining, you are agreeing to reserve at least one free or low-fee ongoing weekly session in your practice, for activists and BIPOC in Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas who are seeking counseling or mental health support during this time.

We are aware of the history of racism and other oppressions in the mental health care field, that there is a power dynamic in the therapy relationship, and that some people may not feel safe working with therapists of a specific race, ethnicity, or gender.

*If you are an activist or BIPOC looking to be connected with a therapist referral in Seattle,

please contact my assistant, Audrey at

with the subject line "Healing for Activists Referral".

She will direct you to a list of individual therapists who have weekly services they are able to provide!

To learn more about the original Healing for Activists project and to view other cities with a listing, visit

This is an opportunity for white members to directly uplift and support the work of AASECT's BIPOC members.

All BIPOC sexuality folks (members of AASECT or not) are invited to include their information on this document! This can include professional services that you offer and would like to be hired/referred for, specific resources or support that you are seeking from others.

Below is the form to join Healing for Activists, Seattle, WA.

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